3decision® centralizes all 3D structures & transforms complex structural data into applicable knowledge

Facilitate collaboration

Facilitate collaboration

Share 3D views and highlighted results the way you see them. Share your models and hypotheses with the project team. Allow colleagues to dock their new compound ideas in a structure.

collective intelligence

Benefit from collective intelligence

Extract and apply knowledge that has been generated over time by different project teams and research programs. Maximize the value of public and proprietary data by keeping it alive and searchable.

Increase your productivity

Increase your productivity

Save time comparing similar pockets and ligands. Create and test hypotheses on the fly. Visualize hot spots or mutations in 3D with one click. Share ideas with colleagues quickly and easily.

poagile and sustainable R&D

Keep your R&D agile and sustainable

Get ready for future massive intake of structural information (X-ray, NMR, Cryo-EM, etc.). Organize and store your PDB structures, in house structures, and in silico models in a centralized database. Give all researchers easy access to the same knowledge via a web browser.

Integrate with other applications

Integrate with other applications

Access 3decision programmatically through a flexible REST API. Export analyses and data to common data formats.

Secure your data

Secure your data

Keep your structural data safe and whole. Guarantee access to your data in the long run. Make complex analyses reproducible.



BioITWorld award winner

Winner of 2019 Bio-IT World Innovative Practices Awards

Abbvie, nominated by Discngine, for the co-development of 3decision®

The development of 3decision® allowed Abbvie to dramatically increases the ROI of SBDD work and protein structure production.


A few words from some of our clients

The 3decision® site has become a key stopping point for our scientists that design compounds, analyze and share protein structures, and retrieve external and internal protein xray and NMR structures.

- Research Fellow, Discovery Chemistry, Abbvie 

abbvie 3decision
LUNDBECK 3decision

It’s important for us to have instant access to all internal and external structural data, and the 3decision® platform is an outstanding tool for our purposes.

- Lena Tagmose, senior director, Molecular Design and Enabling Technologies, Lundbeck


We were sitting on these almost 9,000 structures, and except for 2-3 people, nobody else knew where they were.

- Rishi Gupta, Senior Research Scientist, Abbvie

abbvie 3decision