3decision centralizes all 3D structures & transforms complex structural data into applicable knowledge


Keep your R&D agile

Organize and store your PDB structures, in house structures and in silico models in a centralized database. Give all researchers easy access to the same knowledge via a web browser.


Benefit from collective intelligence

Extract and apply knowledge that has been generated over time by different project teams and research programs. Maximize the value of your data by keeping it alive and searchable.


Increase your productivity

Save time comparing similar pockets and ligands. Create and test hypotheses on the fly. Visualize hot spots or mutation in 3D with one click. Share ideas with colleagues quickly and easily.


Pick the best solution for you

Personalize your access to 3decision! Do you want a full-time access or would an occasional one suffice? Do you need a private solution for your in-house structures or do you only want to analyze public data? In either case, we have an offer that fits your needs.


Cloud- or intranet-based platform for analyzing proprietary and public-domain protein structures


Cloud-based platform for analyzing public-domain protein structures


On-demand reports & services