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Release Note

3decision 2018.10

3decision 2018.10

  • New Biologics Search functionality.

  • New Ligand Browser layout to simplify working with ligands and design ideas

  • Improved Protein Search result exploration

3decision 2018.5

3decision 2018.5

  • Project management and structure access privileges according to projects

  • Save docking results in 3decision

  • Automatic creation of structure biological assemblies

  • Introduced User roles (user and admin) and User profiles (medicinal chemist, crystallographer)

3decision 2018.3

3decision 2018.3

  • Added structure collections: Enabling superposition of unrelated structures

  • New on-boarding tutorials

  • Created structure relation

  • Added GPCR annotations

  • Added visualization of ligand contacts

  • Search for in-house compounds

  • Added detailed crystallographic information

  • Enabled post-filtering of search results

  • New RESTful endpoint for data download and structure registration